We provide custom and ready-made mens & ladies shoes, boots, hats, purses, belts, wallets, exotic skins, watchbands and more.

Choose from our ready-made line of bags and shoes or design your own! Everything is hand-made one at a time, using meticulous Old-World techniques. We offer the finest materials in the world, all from animals born and raised on farms. We offer 2-5 year guarantees on our fine skins including: leather, suede, alligator, crocodile, ostrich, deerskin, calfskin, pony skin, snakeskin, zebra, sharkskin, elephant, buffalo, stingray, kangaroo and more…as well as faux and vegetarian skins.

In a world moving so fast, Custom made shoes captivates its audience by supplying footwear and fashion enthusiasts with luxurious, high quality products. To define “vice”—well, there are too many. We all have our vices. Sometimes unwillingly, mostly unknowingly, but most importantly, it’s those vices that make us all so unique. Often, these vices make us take things for granted. Beautiful things, that we take for granted. Custom made shoes develops its products with a focus on quality, fast accessible fashion, and the necessity of all stylistic individuals in mind. The Custom Made Shoes Collection has been carefully crafted, handmade in New York City implementing comfort features, special design, intricate details, and the use of luxurious leather’ from around the world.


 Custom Designing Shoes by Rafael


Design Your Own Flats
Private Label High Heels

Nondisclosure Agreements for Prototypes



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