Rafael Custom Boots

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Rafael Custom Boots

Custom Made Shoes allows you the flexibility of customizing your new Rafael’s… choosing from over 100 different leathers of the highest quality in the world….from waterproofed cowhide or bison to alligator to elephant to ostrich to fine French Veal in a variety of hues and colors…selecting one of more than two dozen different sole options…you can opt for taller or shorter boots….two tone if you like. Not only do we make your shoes and boots to “fit your feet”…we allow you to have a say in the look of the final product.

The people of Custom Made Shoes take pride in building the finest hunting boots and outdoor footwear in the world…..not “more of” and not “cheaper”…. just THE BEST! Rafael is a small company employing a small number of highly skilled craftsmen who take their work very seriously. Working at Rafael and building the finest outdoor footwear in the world, is part art…part cult…and part pride! Ours is a traditional method of manufacture that has operated virtually unchanged for more than 114 years…and we have no intention of changing what we do. Mass production methods are just not possible at Rafael. That’s why it takes 20 weeks for your new Rafael’s to arrive at your doorstep.


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