Alligator shoes

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Hand made shoes mane  color in stock call me 1212-239-4009

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_MG_3374_MG_3377 _MG_3376 _MG_3375 _MG_3374Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes. Hand made shoes mane  color in stock call me 1212-239-4009. Manmade materials and fabrics are also used to make shoe uppers. The primary families of man-made imitation leathers are vinyl and urethane. Among the benefits of using manmade materials are generally lower materials cost, good looks and easy maintenance. Various materials are used to make the soles of shoes depending on the properties needed by the manufacturer. These include durability, traction or insulation. The sole may also need to be oil-resistant, slip-resistant, cushioned or modified for medical reasons. Leather soles have limited use and are found primarily on higher-priced dress shoes.  Speaking from experience, they can be very slippery!


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