Alligator Shoes


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Alligator  Shoes

Alligator  Shoes. Our selection presents those who like to climb higher in the fashion world, a chance to take a walk on the “Exotic Side”. Our Gentlemen footwear models, include selections made from Alligator, Crocodile, Ostrich, Lizard, Stingray and Pony skins.
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This exceptional quality all-over Alligator skin footwear is handmade by custom made shoes from exotic skins, Mezlan. The stylish lace-up model is handmade from an Alligator skin and it is fully leather lined, with a stitched leather sole. An exclusive “Platinum Collection” style.

Mens Alligator Shoes are for the fashion minded man who appreciates the very best. One time a good customer of mine was in the store shopping and was interested in buying some what he refereed to as Gator Shoes which are really expensive reptile shoes made of alligator leather because he had heard other people bragging about the fact that either they owned a pair or they knew someone that did. He had heard that mens gator shoes made from alligator skin leather cost hundreds of dollars which I had confirmed to him but he didn’t quite understand why these fancy alligator skin footwear cost so much. So quickly I went and retrieved a pair of Custom Made Shoes that we sell online and pulled them out of the box. I gave him one shoe to look at and had the other shoe. I started explaining to him why these hand made exotic skin shoes cost so much more than a look alike version of a printed leather shoe.


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