Design Your Own Heels

Design Your Own Heels


Design Your Own Heels

Create your own custom shoes. Choose from one of lot options to bring your dream shoes to life. Click to change the shape, colour, height and material of your ultimate ballet flats, high heels and more. Design a pair today!

Our shoes are crafted by seasoned artisans using full grain leather and Hand Welt construction. Our custom men’s, women’s & kids’ shoes & boots are designed by you and made by hand using premium materials

We take all of your individual right and left foot measurements and select the appropriate lasts for each of your feet. We have 41 sizes and 9 widths in 2 different last types, curved and straight. That’s a staggering 369 different sizes and widths in 2 last styles, totaling 738 lasts! Next we will add modifications to the last to create a custom last just for you. Most last modifications are included at this level. Examples would be last modifications for a a custom toe line, prominent 5th met head, and bunions or bone spurs. And every pair of ships with custom orthotics, which further assists in giving you a comfortable fit, proper lower body alignment and maximum power.

The Philosophy has evolved over 30 years. Our premium custom cycling shoes have been precisely designed for cycling. What a concept! They’re not modified speedskates, or modified anything else. They’ve always been minimalist – no plastic shells, spray-on graphics, gimmicks, or massive supply chains sourced from factories in third-world countries. Instead are designed and handmade with a cyclist’s biomechanics, not marketing, in mind. And when you spend so much for a frame or a wheelset – does it make sense that the point of power transfer, your shoes, should be the strongest link in the chain? Right now that’s a little bit of a revolutionary concept, but you’ll find pro fitters + racers tell you that the single most powerful upgrade you can make to your cycling – is in your bike shoes!

Every pair is “bespoke custom.” That doesn’t mean “custom” as in customizable or “heat molded.” It means each one of your shoes is built specifically for you. We begin with your foot impressions, measurements, and photographs. Those are used to generate your patterns, using our proprietary custom sizing formula. And during the pre-production call with Don Lamson you’ll help hone the fit further, by providing additional background: your shoe history, your unique issues, your riding style, your cycling goals, your preferences, and even – your personality. And then we build TRUE to YOU.

“Full Custom” Cycling Shoes