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Exotic skin materials

Exotic skin materials. We have almost any fashion shoe materials available in any color or custom prints. Feel free to make any choice as you like. Even for the most rare shoe material, we will try our best to fulfill your requirements. If you have trouble to choose the materials, please specify your requirement on the design submission form. We will try to recommend the suitable ones.

Leather is the preferred shoe upper material to make work boots and work shoes. The following qualities make it one of the best components for work boot and work shoe manufacturing:

  • Breathability: Pores in leather allow fresh air to circulate inside the shoes.
  • Moisture absorbency: Leather absorbs moisture away from the foot and out of the shoe.
  • Customization: Leather will assume the shape of the wearer’s feet, providing individualized fit. This quality maximizes comfort and minimizes foot disorders.
  • Durability: Leather resists tearing and puncturing.

The most commonly used leathers to make footwear are:

  • Side Leather: Side leather is the most versatile leather used. It gets the name because the hides are normally split down the back into two sides. Patterns can be imprinted, creating embossed leather. It can also be tumbled and crushed to become soft and drapeable. When side leather is impregnated with oils, it is sometimes called wax hide or waxy leather.
  • Calfskin: This leather is from the young cows or calves. It has a fine grain and is soft and pliable, It also has the ability to withstand hard wear and combines elegant luxury with practicality.
  • Kidskin: The skin of goats is lightweight, yet strong and resilient.
  • Exotic Leathers: Alligator, lizard, snake skin or ostrich are common exotic leathers tanned from the hides and skins of these reptiles and birds.
  • Pigskin: The skin of pigs or hogs is normally used as sueded or brushed leather. It is also used for shoe linings.
  • Nubuck: This leather finish is created by buffing the outer surface of the leather to produce a very fine nap.
  • Patent Leather: This finish is produced by coating the surface of the leather with a film or urethane resin to give a high gloss.
  • Suede Leather: This finish is made by buffing the flesh or underside of the skin (kid, calf, pig or side leather).

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